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Reimagining performance management
Join the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for these accredited sessions on reimagining performance management.
Leading at the speed of trust
Leading at the speed of trust is a solution that was developed to provide an intense focus on helping individuals, teams and organizations to practice and sustain changes in human behavior.
Empowering leaders through 5 key conversations
Details of workshop and learning outcomes: The tried and tested principles behind 5 conversations can transform individual and business performance through stronger employee engagement. Usually delivered over a full day, this taster session will cover:
  • • The key concepts behind 5 conversations
  • • The importance of effective conversations in supporting business leaders
  • • Employee engagement and the role played by managers
  • • The opportunity to practice some of the conversations with fellow participants
Developing a leadership mindset
Adrian Gilpin, Chairman, Institute of Human Development

In this hands-on practical workshop Adrian will use the Pathfinder concepts to coach participants through what it means to be an high performance leader who inspires people to be the very best they can be, free of the inhibitions that have been holding them back in the past.

This is what one senior leader in IBM said of Pathfinder. "It was, and remains, one of the highest impact leadership initiatives I have seen. We made pitches we would not have made previously, won business we would have lost, built relationships we would not have built, and resolved issues which would likely otherwise have allowed to drag on."

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